About Higdonion

How We Got Started

With 15 years of fabrication experience and 20 years of motorcycle riding, motocross racing to street bike freestyle, we are more then experienced enough to create anything the motorcycle community needs.

Our first product was created when the Yamaha FZ-09 had an issue with the drain plug and oil pan getting damaged by hitting the ground. We created a skid plate for the FZ-09 and FJ-09 attached by a engine cage that also protects the motor and helps the rest off the bike in the unfortunate event of laying the bike down or an accident.

The crash cage on the FJ-09, FZ-09, or FZ-07 will protect you oil pan, motor while looks fantastic. It's been called the best looking cage for the Yamaha FJ-09, FZ-09, and the FZ-07. FJ-09 adventure bike style cage and Skid Plate make those long trips a little less worry some. We also carry a Yamaha FZ-09 subcage incase your more interested in building a FZ-09 stunt bike.