Gen2 Trail Cage and Skid Plate FJ-09 FZ-09 MT-09 XSR900

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Gen 2 trail cage for the Yamaha 900's not only improved on esthetics but it fits any exhaust I know of including akropovic. A lower fairing looking aluminum skid plate also doubles as a brace for the cage sides in case of a tip over. completely protecting the engine and frame.  

If you already own a Higdonion original cage and want to upgrade I'm offering a $100 rebate for your undamaged cage once I receive it. And don't worry if the bottom skid plate is scratched up, that is what it's for.

As far as aftermarket exhaust if there is an issue you are covered, I accept refunds or will make new parts accordingly.  


* Please Note: Most cages are made to order. It will sometimes take a couple weeks to get your order out. Please contact us for more information