Honda Talon Roll Cage with Aluminum Roof, Bumper with cover

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Upgrade the look and strength of your Honda Talon with this fabricated in the USA roll cage.  Our Honda Talon Roll cage can be shipped to your door by Fed Ex or UPS. 

Our CAD designed roll cages assemble using our patent pending design. Our design uses specialty welding techniques, combined with oversized automotive chassis grade hardware.  We took the time to patent our design because of the superior strength and rigidity provided by our structure.  We use all .095 wall DOM tubing. The same thickness the offroad racing organizations require for cages.

One of the most important areas of a UTV cage is the strength of the A-Pillars. When a UTV crashes most of the time the A-Pillars crush in towards the passenger or driver.  This means the driver and passenger are at risk for head injuries if the cage collapses. 

We use a race inspired design to strengthen the A-Pillars. We build our cages with a triangulated design across the top of the car to build exceptional strength and rigidity for the A-Pillars.  We also triangulate the B-Pillar cross beams to help build even more rigidity and strength. Triangles are strong squares are weak.

We also included a rear bumper for the Talon and extended the cage to bolt onto the rear radius rods.  This further enhances the strength and rigidity of your Talon.  It also helps to protect the back of your Talon when your friend rear ends you.

We also included a cross beam to accept 4 or 5 point race harnesses!!

We use high quality button socket head Dzus fasteners to attach the roof and rear panel.  This way you won't get mad when your flat blade screwdriver slips and scratches your new panel.

Please take a look at our cage designs and compare them to others in the marketplace just remember triangles are strong and squares are weak.

This fully powder coated Honda Talon roll cage comes with an aluminum roof, rear bumper with aluminum cover.

  • Fabricated in Las Vegas, NV
  • Patent pending design
  • CAD drawn to ensure excellent fit and repeatability
  • CNC cut tubing and hand welded for superior fit and finish
  • Race inspired triangular design structure to build strength and rigidity for the A-Pillars.
  • Race inspired triangular design structure to build strength and rigidity for the B-Pillars.
  • .095 wall DOM tubing
  • Four or five point race harness compatible.
  • Accepts stock window netting
  • Bumper with rear panel included
  • High quality button SOCKET HEAD Dzus fasteners
  • Powder coating included in the price!
  • Roof rack mounting tabs included
  • Stock seat belt mounting is optional
  • Light bar mounts are optional and they are set to accept a 40" Baja Designs lightbar, other 40" lightbars might fit.

Colors Explained

  • Textured Black -- This is a little darker than the OEM tube color and makes a nice contrast for the panels.  We chose this color for the panels for it's superior durability.  The texture is very subtle, and will help with durability on the roof and rear panel. We suggest this color for the east coast where trees and debris might scratch the pillars.

California Prop 65 Warning

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer