$599.00 - $649.00
The Urban Higdonion cage and skid is still a fantastic setup but we wanted to make some upgrades! Better protection and more ground clearance to start. A more ridged three-dimensional aluminum skid plate for better bracing from one side to another, and in my opinion a more aggressive and better overall appearance. Still a build to order handmade product that takes the handguards on the highway FJ09 to a battle-ready beast!

If you already own a Higdonion original cage and want to upgrade I'm offering a $100 rebate for your undamaged cage once I receive it. And don't worry if the bottom skid plate is scratched up, that is what it's for.

As far as aftermarket exhaust the GEN 1 FITS WITH GRAVES EXHAUST and Hotbodies MGP full system ONLY. If you have another aftermarket exhaust PLEASE choose the GEN 2 skid plate. The GEN 2 skid offers more clearance for the exhaust. The GEN 2 also fits stock exhaust, and Graves and Hotbodies MGP exhaust.

GEN - 1 Versus GEN - 2 Skid plate explained

If you look closely the TIP of the skid plate has a little bit different shape, The GEN 2 is designed to look more like a lower fairing and gives more room for an aftermarket exhaust. So if you have an aftermarket exhaust or are thinking of purchasing one please buy the GEN 2, that way everything should fit right up for you.

* Please Note: Most cages are made to order. It will sometimes take a couple weeks to get your order out. Please contact us for more information.
Colors Explained:
• Textured Black --- Looks like all types of textured black powder coating, this is our #1 seller
• Hi Viz Yellow -- Google search the Yamaha Hi Viz yellow, our color matches up
• Bronze -- If your cylinder head or stator cover is bronze this color will match
• Blurple -- If your bike is painted a blue or purpleish color this will match your Yamaha Paint
• Metallic Red -- If your Yamaha is the Metallic Red color this color will match.

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