Can Am Maverick X3 Rear Bumper with Spare Tire Carrier 2022 ONLY!

Sometimes you just need an easy to install bumper than can hold your spare tire.

Maybe you need some tie down hooks in the bed of your X3 to hold a cooler or other bags.

Can Am does not really provide a way to tie things down in the bed of an X3, our spare tire carrier and bumper combo has tie down loops for just such an occasion.

One of the dangers of the X3 is when you try and town your buddy out when they did something stupid.

Many owners tow off the rear radius plate, DO NOT DO THIS!! The metal frame that the radius rods bolt onto on the X3 is weak and will distort if you pull something. If this plate distorts you will be replacing your frame. This will cost thousands of dollars.

We provide a cross bar on our carrier that you can hook a tow rope or winch to and when you pull on the bar it pulls against the entire frame of the car not just the radius rod plate.

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• Made In USA
• Made on a jig table to ensure proper fitment
• Easy to install
• Mounts with heavy duty radius rod plate
• Tow ropes and winch hooks can easily attach to the bumper
• Loops for tie downs on the outside of the bed rails
• Holds full size spare tires

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schedule  1 hours
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