Honda Talon Front Bumper

Sometimes you just need an easy to install bumper than can hold your AMBER pod lights or white light bar. We see many desert UTV's with amber lights high on the A- pillar or even on the roof.

When you run amber lights they are meant to shine under the hanging dust and cut down the white out reflection that regular lights cause when shining into the dust.

The Higdonion Honda Talon front bumper is perfect for mounting a 10" light bar. This made in America Light Bar bumper is designed to hold all kinds of different 10" light bars. The Higdonion Fabrication bumper is also designed to accept most tow straps, so when your friend does something stupid on the trail or in the mud you can pull them out.
• Made in America.
• Works with many aftermarket skid plates.
• Works with OEM skid plates.
• CNC cut tubing and plate.
• Made on our fixture table so we have repeatability in our fitment to your car.
• Made out of plate and tube steel.
• Accepts most common tow straps.
• Designed to hold 10" Light bars.
• Custom light bar tabs available.
• Can be ordered to hold POD lights.
• Can be ordered without light mounts.
Custom colors available.
ALWAYS in stock and ready to ship
CALL 704-675-4060 ABOUT PRICING ON CUSTOM COLORS like the Honda Red and the Honda Blue or any other color you can think of

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